Internet Access

  • Lynn's Getaway internet:

    $50 unlimited data and time for 7 days.

  • Lavaspot Cards available at Lynn's Getaway Hotel.

    • 1 Hours at $12.50WST
    • 2 Hours at 25.00WST
    • 4 Hours at 40.00WST
    • 10 Hours at 75.00WST
  • Bluezone cards also available

    2 hours at $24.00

  • Unlimited downloading.

    We also have laptops for hire and desktop PCs located through the hotel and hostel for you to use for free but paid internet access is required to use the Internet. IT support for your PC related headaches are available to ensure all PC and mobile devices are able to connect and ensure you can connect to your company email, virtual private networks (VPN) or Skype.

  • Lynn's Getaway is powered by Ubuntu.