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Welcome to Lynn's Getaway Hotel, Apia, Samoa



Cheapest and most reliable internet on the island for $50 tala you get seven days of unlimited use.


Talofa lava and welcome to Lynn's Getaway Hotel.

Centered just outside the 3 mile town radius of Apia, Lynn's Getaway Hotel is the prefect spot for a quiet visitor in search of clean facilities and unparallel customer service.

Lynn's Getaway Hotel is really only a Bed and Breakfast and although we are not a 5 star hotel, that has not stopped us from giving 5 star hospitality services. Like the stories of old, of the early visitors to Samoa welcomed into the villages and homes and treated like dignitaries, Lynn's Getaway continues that tradition. Our customer service is beyond any standard bed and breakfast.

Each room, is air conditioned, stocked on arrival with complimentary bottle water, and milk with coffee and tea facilities. Enjoy a dip in our pool, or check your email pool side with Wifi access. Just a 5 minute taxi ride at $5.00WST into town.

Long Term and Student Accommodation.

Beginning in 2014, stays for 30 days or more now have a rate for Guest House Shared at WST60.00 a night per person and Hotel Shared facilities are now WST $100.00 for single and WST $120.00 for a double.

All our long term and student accommodation includes hot water, and full breakfast as well as pool access and Lava Spot Internet Access.
Lynn's Getaway Tours.

Everyday we get to share the beauty and wonder our island paradise with vistors from all over the world; and we love it! We take your vacation personally and our main goal is to inspire, entertain and give you an experience you'll always remember. So forget about the hassle and expenses of renting a vehicle for your family, driver's permit, piggies crossing the road, get a local knowledgeable guide to safely show you Samoa.

Bottle Water or Coconut (Niu) and lunch provided. Just bring spare change, towel, flip flops or hiking shoes. Email us at for more information.


Vehicle Rentals / Airport Shuttle Arrivals.


Book your room and car rental and pay only WST100.00 a day for the vehicle. Book on our site

airport shuttle for WST30.00 per person or WST60.00 for one or two guest and $60tala for

families or group for our direct shuttle pick up.  

Lynns Getaway